Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feb, 9 - US and CAN release of Sade's Soldier of Love

I'm very excited about the taste of real music, which finds itself on my entertainment plate only once in a blue moon these days.

With so many reality-show stunners (some of which are quite talented, I must say), producers/actor/singers, (c)rappers, and one-hit-no-wonders looking, sounding, dancing, and performing in such a uniform and similar way, I wait with baited breath for those single artists, who, through years of honing their craft, bless us with creative and original layers of musical perfection.

When is she coming to Ottawa?

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  1. The title track is beautiful. If you go to you can actually see the making of the video. It's definitely worth taking a look. "The dancers aren't literally soldiers... They are there to represent my emotions in the battleground of love."

    Not to mention she is still sexy as ever. Watch the tango. ;)


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